Kunwinjku Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art, prints and original paintings in the unique style of the Kunwinjku Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory of Australia.

The Kunwinjku Aboriginal people come from Western Arnhem Land, around the Liverpool River and Mann River regions in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The images presented on this website are an excellent exhibition of Kunwinjku fine art by award-winning Aboriginal artist Leslie Nawirridj.
The artworks are his way of communicating with you about his culture, his country, and its inhabitants.
Leslie Nawirridj is a senior member of the Kunwinjku family of artists.

The artist's profile gives the artwork its authenticity and cultural identity.

Leslie Nawirridj

Leslie Nawirridj - His Achievements


2014 Judges' Award Darwin City Council 'Harmony Day' Art         Exhibition

2013 1st 'Outstanding' Prize Cancer Council Arts Awards (Aboriginal & TSI Visual Art Category)

2011 ANZ Barunga Festival Arts Prize
First Prize: Leslie Nawirridj
Winning entry: 'The Long-Necked Turtle and Echidna Kunwinjku Dreamtime Story'


National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)                                          "Goanna (Kalawan)" 1994                                                                       Paper lithograph printed in colour inks; 76.6cm x 56.6cm                     NGA ACCN NO. 96.871                                                                 

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia                                      "Ngalyod with Mimmihs"; ochres on bark; 135.1cm x 48.5cm

Ocre Rouge Gallery, Val-de-Meuse, France


2017 Artwork published in the Bible Society of Australia's publication titled "Our Mob, God's Story"

2013 World Indigenous Network 'Paddles Project'   www.paddlesproject/paddle/27

2013-present NTFL Wanderers Football Club Foundation Cup 'Eagle' design

2011-present Darwin Port Corporation design for commemorative plaques presented to Captains of passenger cruise ships

About Leslie Nawirridj

Leslie Nawirridj is a traditional owner of Manddedjkadjang outstation on the Liverpool River. The outstation is a small community of Leslie's family members. His family, or tribe, have always owned these homelands. It is a "closed" community, which means that outsiders can only gain access by acquiring an entry permit.

Leslie's artwork has evolved from the Aboriginal rock art of Western Arnhem Land. The rock art was painted thousands of years ago by Leslie's ancestors, and is a priceless relic of an ancient indigenous culture.
Tourists can view approved sites by joining a guided tour.

A unique feature of Kunwinjku Aboriginal art is the fine-line cross-hatching, called rarrk. The rarrk is traditionally used for Kunwinjku Aboriginal ceremonial painting. Leslie has perfected the technique of painting rarrk, having practised it for more than 20 years.

Leslie paints rarrk by making a fine-line paint brush from the stem of a reed. The hair-like bristles are inside the stem.

The power of the paintings is in the rarrk. Leslie creates these fine lines with amazing accuracy. This is achieved freehand with great control and intense concentration. Leslie's rarrk is extremely strong and precise and has been described as "beautifully intricate and technically brilliant".

Kunwinjku Aboriginal art often shows anatomical features (internal organs and bone structures) of birds, fish and animals. This is called painting in "x-ray", and gives the artwork an interesting three-dimensional effect.

The "x-ray" style of painting captures the essence of the wildlife of Western Arnhem Land. It shows the depth of relationship between the artist and his country, and the knowledge he has of its inhabitants.

Kunwinjku rock art was the first x-ray art.

The artwork is an important facet of traditional Kunwinjku Aboriginal life. It is the traditional means of communication, used to tell stories of the people, animals and dream time handed down through the centuries by this ancient indigenous culture.

Kunwinjku Fine Art - The Business

Kunwinjku Fine Art, an art business based in Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia, and www.kunwinjku-aboriginal-art.com website, are a partnership of Leslie & Alison Nawirridj. The information on this website has been compiled by Alison Nawirridj, as told to her by her husband, Leslie.

Kunwinjku Fine Art is a member of ANKAAA (Association of Northern Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists).

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Each original painting includes a 'Certificate of Authenticity', with the Artist's Profile, and a photo of Leslie Nawirridj holding your Aboriginal artwork.

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Leslie Nawirridj Narbarlek with Joey in PouchNarbarlek with Joey in Pouch
Yawk YawkYawk Yawk
Barramundi & WaterlilliesBarramundi & Waterlillies
The first painting produced for 2014 at Kunwinjku Aboriginal Art! A beautiful classic design by Leslie Nawirridj titled The first painting produced for 2014 at Kunwinjku Aboriginal Art! A beautiful classic design by Leslie Nawirridj titled "Barramundi & Waterlilies"
Fibre Art  at the Cruise Ship TerminalFibre Art at the Cruise Ship Terminal
Collecting white clay for traditional pigments.Collecting white clay for traditional pigments.
Run your mouse over the print to see the incredible detail in this painting of the Lizard.

Lightning ManLightning Man