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Leslie displays an original painting.Leslie displays an original painting.

Art Prints and Original Paintings

Signed artworks by Leslie Nawirridj in the traditional Kunwinjku style are available for purchase online.


Reproductions of Kunwinjku fine art have been scanned from original paintings by Western Arnhem Land Aboriginal artist, Leslie Nawirridj, and can be viewed on this website. The scanned images are printed onto canvas, in either A3 or A4 sizes, to be sold as Aboriginal art online through these on-line galleries.

Each print is individually hand-signed on the back by Leslie Nawirridj to ensure authenticity.


Leslie's original paintings can be painted on Arches 640gms, rough cotton paper. (See above photo of 56cmx76cm original painting - SOLD). The cotton paper is a commercially viable medium which has a texture and density resembling bark.

Leslie's paintings are now also available on canvas. Leslie has only recently begun using canvas as a medium for his paintings, but it has proved very popular since the canvas can be rolled into a tube for easy postage or transport by the customer.

The fine-line cross-hatching, called 'rarrk', is painted with a brush made from the stem of a reed. Leslie collects the stems from the bush, and peels off the outside of the stem to expose the hair-like bristles inside. The number of bristles is trimmed until the desired brush thickness is achieved.

The current prices (as from July 2017) for Leslie's original paintings on cotton paper or canvas are:

30cm x 42cm originals $450 AUD (inc. GST)

30cm x 42cm story originals $465 AUD (inc. GST)

45cm x 60cm originals $880 AUD (inc. GST)

56cm x 76cm originals $1 320 AUD (inc. GST)

75cm x 105cm originals $2 200 AUD (inc. GST)

You are invited to order these original Kunwinjku Aboriginal fine artworks by using the on-line contact form provided here.

Original paintings by Leslie Nawirridj are much sought after. They are often acquired by a buyer viewing a particular subject as a print and then ordering the desired image as an original painting, or combining two or three images on the larger sized paintings. Please keep in mind that an original painting will have some differences in details to the viewed images.

Please specify your choice of cotton paper or canvas as the preferred medium when ordering your artwork.

Leslie works hard to supply his customers with high quality Kunwinjku Aboriginal fine artworks. It has taken Leslie five years to paint all the originals that have been scanned to produce his collection of prints. Each painting is a showpiece culminating much time, intense concentration and the art skills needed to maintain the integrity of the Kunwinjku Aboriginal painting tradition.

barramundi & Water PythonBarramundi & Water Python

Barramundi and Water Python.
Original painting 56cmx76cm SOLD

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Leslie Nawirridj Narbarlek with Joey in PouchNarbarlek with Joey in Pouch
Yawk YawkYawk Yawk
Barramundi & WaterlilliesBarramundi & Waterlillies
The first painting produced for 2014 at Kunwinjku Aboriginal Art! A beautiful classic design by Leslie Nawirridj titled The first painting produced for 2014 at Kunwinjku Aboriginal Art! A beautiful classic design by Leslie Nawirridj titled "Barramundi & Waterlilies"
Fibre Art  at the Cruise Ship TerminalFibre Art at the Cruise Ship Terminal
Collecting white clay for traditional pigments.Collecting white clay for traditional pigments.
Run your mouse over the print to see the incredible detail in this painting of the Lizard.

Lightning ManLightning Man